ImageFrequently asked questions


1. Are your products legal?

Yes. Since the end of 2016, Switzerland has legalized at national level the use, sale and purchase of these products as long as they contain less than 1% THC.

2. I am under 18, can I buy your products?

No. The sale of our products is prohibited to minors under 18 years of age.

3. I am abroad, can you send me your products?

We recommend to order only the legal products in your country (0.2% max of thc in the countries of the European Union in general). If you order products other than these, we offer no refund in case of seizure of your order. The end buyer is responsible for knowing the laws in force in his country.

4. Do your products have the same effects as the 'normal' product?

Our products do not contain enough active ingredients (THC) and do not cause any narcotic effects.

5. Are your products made based on CBD?

Yes, consumables are cbd flowers. However, they contain only very low doses of THC and therefore are not psychoactive.

6. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards and advance payment by bank transfer.

7. How long do you ship?

After receiving your order and your payment you will usually be delivered within 2 to 5 days. Our packages are discreet and do not mention the products ordered.

8. And discretion?

The WeedMe name does not appear on the package you order or on your credit card statement. Our shipments are discreet to 100%.

9. Drive, consume in public, carry on the street ...

Authorities currently have no quick and inexpensive technical means to control the THC content in legal CBD products. Therefore, it is expected that they treat these products in the same way as the illegal products found on the market (fine). It is therefore necessary to use common sense and not to consume CBD while driving, on the public road or transporting it imprudently.

WeedMe declines any responsibility for the legal and / or financial consequences that the final consumer may have to bear in case of improper and irresponsible use of the products sold on our commercial site.

10. Delivery

Anyone wishing to buy our products from abroad is responsible for any costs (vat, customs duty) attributable to his order. Due to the volume of orders, shipments are shipped between 48h and 72h. Once shipped, the delivery time is 2 to 5 days.

Shipping costs for abroad are 10 € (except discount, promotions, etc ...)

Moreover, we decline any responsibility in case of seizure of the products ordered. The end customer is required to know and comply with the laws in force in his country in this regard.

No compensation, refund or compensation will be offered in case of seizure, prosecution or fine imposed on the final customer.

Only products containing less than 0.2% THC and clearly marked as such on the website are currently allowed to order from countries other than Switzerland.

11. Tracking the shipment

You ordered and received a tracking number but on the site of laposte.fr or poste.ch, the package seems 'frozen'? Do not worry, in 90% of cases, it is not because the tracking is not updated that your order does not follow its course. It is recommended to wait a few more days before taking steps (searches, cancellations, etc.) that cost time and money.

I have two different tracking numbers from your home: the one you sent me and another on the Swiss Post notice. Why? Because the French Post adds its own tracking number because the original is not recognized at the European level. This is also why the tracking number may not be updated correctly on the postal site of the destination country.

12. Packaging of shipments

My order does not look like the picture of the product ?! It is normal, the visuals presented here do not conform to the European standards, because they are planned for Switzerland. The graphics, labeling or qualitative information (rates) are subject to change. The infusion or tea nomenclature can be used with packaging reflecting it.

In addition, in the product description, the following statement appears:

Non-contractual visuals. Packaging, graphics and terms used may differ by country of shipment. (eg infusion)

We can not send the products in Swiss packaging, which is not up to European standards. In Switzerland, these products have health information such as tobacco and have a 1% THC rate, which is not consistent in Europe.

To ensure quality delivery at home, it is necessary to have different packaging.