ImageCannabis CBD and saliva controls

Author: WeedCBDEurope

Although there are many ongoing discussions regarding the legalization of CBD cannabis, marijuana is still illegal in many countries, including France. As a result, it is perfectly legitimate to be wary of police checks, most of them salivary. But what about products containing CBD?

While products containing more than 0.2% of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid considered as a drug by the authorities, are banned in most European countries, the CBD is perfectly legal. However, some elements must be taken into consideration:

all products concentrated in CBD, in particular CBD oil, are produced by different companies, according to different processes. Indeed some realize their CBD oil from hemp, other from cannabis CBD, and therefore the concentration of THC may vary from one CBD oil to another.

According to the site herb.co, it would consume 1 to 2g (1000 to 2000mg) of pure CBD per day to possibly be tested positive during a police control salivary. The average dose of CBD with 2 drops of oil being 0.09g (90mg), there is little risk to be tested positive.

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