ImageCBD, chronic pain and pathologies

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Who would have thought a few years ago that cannabis would be so fashionable? Long demonized, associated with drug users, marginalized, cannabis is more than ever making the headlines ! What is the reason ? Many of you must indeed ask the question ... While cannabis is presented, or at least understood, especially by the "older generations" as an evil that must be eradicated, more and more of personalities of the medical world, legal, today promote the so-called "legal" cannabis, through its miracle molecule, CBD, or Cannabidiol ...

Cannabis is evil (or not ...)
Cannabis is a plant that has existed for millions of years on Earth. It has been used forever, for many virtues, and yet has a bad reputation in recent decades. However, it has many practical uses, and we find it regularly, therapeutic uses.

We will not talk here about the many applications that hemp can bring, from an industrial, ecological or even economic point of view. If you wish to discover more about this subject and this miraculous plant, I invite you to consult the Wikipedia site which is full of information on this subject: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chanvre

Let's go back to the topic of this article: how cannabidiol, or CBD, can help people suffering from recurrent pain, chronic diseases and other diseases or disorders such as epilepsy, fibromalgia, cancer, AIDS / HIV, depression and personality disorders (narcissism, borderline ...), addictions (alcohol, hard or soft drugs such as cocaine, alcohol, cannabis, anti-depressants ...).

Cannabis is not only this plant used by artists, drug addicts, and young people to hover. Cannabis contains what we call cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are substances, natural or chemical, that will stimulate cannabinoid receptors in humans.

Cannabinoid receptors?
Cannabinoids are neurotransmitters: they are the ones that allow the brain, body and organs to communicate with each other. Neurotransmitters, or neuromediators, are chemical molecules found in the body of every human being and which allow messages to be transmitted from one neuron to another. In other words, the foundation of our phyisic life. Without communication no life. Without cannabinoids, no life ...

In short, the cannabinoid receptors (CB1, CB2) are part of our daily lives. To all. Every human being, every animal owes its life, among others, to this miracle of nature that are the cannbinoid receptors. And cannabis, and its cannabinoids, have the effect of stimulating these receptors, so as to allow better communication between the different organs of your body ... Incredible, no?

What is cannabidiol?
Cannabidiol, or CBD, and one of 500 cannabinoids found in cannabis (yes yes, 500, with among others: THC, responsible for "High" when consumed swallowed or inhaled).

Here are a few:

CBC (cannabichromene)

CBL (cannabicyclol)

CBV (cannabivarol)

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin)

CBDV (cannabidivarin)

CBCV (cannabichromevarine)

CBGV (cannabigerovarin)

CBGM (cannabigerol)

And so the CBD ... strangely, the CBD is the "antithesis" of the THC: the THC is the molecule that causes the "High", the fact of being "stone" or smashed. The euphoria. The CBD him, brings this calming, soothing effect. And that's where the CBD becomes interesting from a therapeutic point of view: CBD is not an exciting or euphoric. It brings calm, relaxation, well-being and ... stimulates your endocannabinoid receptors ... But how can this treat cases, from the simplest to the most extreme, such as anxiety, epilepsy, fribromalgia, cancer, AIDS, addictions, depression ...?

The human body is a complex machine ... very complex, and extremely sophisticated. A master, the brain, tells our organs how to react to any form of aggression. This one requires to be able to:

- Listen, analyze, study what happens inside our body, identify the dangers that threaten our health and integrity

- respond to these dangers by providing the appropriate response that will negate these threats.

And the human body is well designed. He knows, of course, how to defend himself from external aggression, the fruit of millions of years of evolution, today undermined by the new standards of modern life:

- Stress

- Fear of tomorrow

- Junk food

- Pollution

- Etc ...

Cancer is certainly one of the most convincing examples of this problem: the definition of most cancers is "an abnormal and anarchic development of cells". How can this happen? It appears that this comes from a communication problem between the brain and the body (see our article "The potential to destroy cancer cells and relieve side effects")

This is where CBD (cannabidiol) comes in:

Any disease, pathology, pain causes stress and interferes with the communication between the different organs of the human body

The consumption of CBD, whatever its form (balm, crystal, oil, flowers, edible ...) will:

- Provoking immediate appeasement, allowing the body to suffer less stress, and damage that it can cause as well emotionally as psychic or physical

- Relieve physical pain thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect

- Stimulate the endocannabinoid receptors, and thus allow the body a better communication, in order to defend itself from external aggressions.

Thus, numerous studies have proved the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of the following pathologies and cases:

Pain related to the menstrual cycle
This is certainly one of the less publicized aspects of CBD, and yet CBD consumption can have a really positive impact in soothing the pain and cramps caused by menstruation in women, but also on disorders of the body. mood that usually accompany this period. The use of CBD oil is therefore very useful to fight against all the problems and pain caused by the rules.

Cancer disorders
The intake of CBD oil, especially from the first symptoms of cancer, will help fight and soothe the direct disorders related to the disease but also related to treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy):

- Tired

- Depressive state and anxiety

- Physical pains

- Weightloss

The body will be strengthened, thanks to the effects of CBD on physical and mental stress.